Endemic and Endangered Species in Hawaii

Endangered Honeycreepers

Hawaiian honeycreepers are a group of songbirds endemic to Hawaii. Although they were closely related to rosefinches in the past, the insular environment drives a tremendous morphological diversity and adaptions to their life on the Island. Most have been driven to extinction since humans arrived in the Hawaiian Islands. The leading causes were habitat destruction, mosquito diseases, and the introduction of mammals such as cats and pigs and invasive birds competing with the same small pieces of habitat. I have been working with some of the remaining species of honeycreepers, with most of them having threatened, endangered, or critically endangered status. Ongoing conservation programs are making efforts to keep these populations, but more efforts are needed to eliminate predators from the nesting areas.

Endangered Hawaiian Gallinule

Hawaiian gallinule (Gallinula galeata sandvicensis)

Endangered Laysan Albatross

Endangered Laysan Albatross