Recommended camera and lenses with links

All in one: Bridge cameras

Pro level: Mirrorless cameras

Low budget lenses: below $,1500

These lenses can be mounted in any camera brand (Canon EF, Nikon or Sony). Make sure you select the right camera model for your Sigma or Tamron lens.

Canon Mount (left)    Nikon Mount (center)   Sony Mount (right)

Canon Mount (left)    Nikon Mount (center)   Sony Mount (right)

Low budget brand specific lenses

High budget lenses: above $1,500-$6,000

They are specific for each brand, more expensive and designed for advanced or professional users. Note that you won’t need a tripod to use them.

Lenses above $6,000

At the highest level of professional photography equipment are the 600mm F4 prime lenses, which come at a price tag exceeding $10,000 and require a sturdy tripod for optimal use. Although the quality of these lenses is amazing, I personally do not recommend heavy lenses for birdwatching, but you can also purchase them on Amazon (link below).