Conservation Project on Bird Collisions

Within United States, it is estimated that one billion birds die every year in collisions with buildings. During the spring and fall, millions of birds migrate using the Atlantic flyway, in which New York City is a key location.

Reflective glass on the World Trade Center complex. Fall 2022.

The project goal is to document and photograph the bird collisions happening in the massive glass buildings of the financial district of Manhattan in New York. Nocturnal migratory species are attracted by the light that these glass buildings emit at night and end up disoriented by the artificial light of the buildings and hitting the glass. On the other hand, diurnal migratory species see the glass as a reflection of the trees or sky in front of them to fatally hit the glass.

Northern waterthrush dead after colliding with a glass building in NYC. Fall 2022.

Every day early in the morning, I monitor hotspots of bird collisions to document, count and photograph injured and dead birds. Injured birds are delivered to the Wild Bird Fund rehab center as we found them. At the center, the staff evaluate the condition of the birds and try their best to rehabilitate them.

I am carrying an injured swamp sparrow to the Wild Bird Fund rehabilitator center. Spring 2022. Credit: P.M.

If you like my conservation photography work, consider buying my prints or donating money. All these contributions will help the birds have the visibility they deserve.